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“Raj, agar woh tumse pyaar karti hai to woh ek baar palat ke dekhegi… Palat… Palat…” When Shah Rukh Khan’s Raj says this dialogue, a millions of heart skipped a beat even today! Every time when Bauji (Amrish Puri) lets go of Simran’s (Kajol) hand and says, “Jaa Simran jaa, jee le apni zindagi,” you find yourself hooting and cheering. Well, that’s the magic of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengi! The film has aged like a fine wine.

As Shah Rukh-Kajol starrer Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge completes 25 years today (October 20, 2020), we bring you the lead pair revisiting the memories of shooting one of the most iconic scenes in the film- the train sequence in the climax, in a recent interview with Marie Claire.

Shah Rukh Khan Pulls Kajol's Leg

Shah Rukh Khan Pulls Kajol’s Leg

While speaking about the film’s climax, King Khan said, “All I was to do was to hold Kajol’s hand, so that was simple. And she does run awesomely in a lehenga.”

'I Didn't Think The Film's Climax Would Be As Iconic As It Eventually Turned Out To Be,

‘I Didn’t Think The Film’s Climax Would Be As Iconic As It Eventually Turned Out To Be, ” Says Shah Rukh Khan

He further continued, “I was more keen on the fight that happens before that because I felt it will add some non-mushy stuff to this film. I was way happier holding the gun than holding Simran’s hand. There could have been no other ending, but I did not think it would be as iconic as it eventually turned out to be.”

DDLJ's Climax Was Shot In Three Days

DDLJ’s Climax Was Shot In Three Days

Kajol too, walked down the memory lane and told Marie Claire, “We shot for about three days in Apta railway station [in Mumbai]. It was so hot at that time, and with this ghagra-it was this incredibly heavy outfit that I was wearing.

Kajol On Shooting The Iconic Train Scene

Kajol On Shooting The Iconic Train Scene

“The train wasn’t going as fast as it looks. [Laughs.] It wasn’t the running so much, just the crying. Your eyes are swollen and red by the end of the day because you’re crying for three days straight,” the actress told Marie Clarie.

Anupam Kher Reveals How The Audience Reacted To The Film At Its Premiere

Anupam Kher Reveals How The Audience Reacted To The Film At Its Premiere

The veteran actor who plays the role of Shah Rukh Khan’s father in the film recalled, “[The premiere] was the who’s who of the film industry, of the city, of the politicians. [They] were there watching the film because it was Mr. Chopra’s son’s first film. The film finished and there was pin-drop silence. And Mr. Chopra looked at me like, “Oh my God, something has gone wrong.” It [seemed to be] a never-ending silence, and then after a minute, there was a never-ending standing ovation. That was the magic of the film.”

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