Bloomberg teams up with top Latino group for Florida ad buy

“Voter turnout among Latinos in Florida could mean the difference for a Biden-Harris win in Florida,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

The $2.4 million for the digital ads is part of Bloomberg’s commitment to spend up to $100 million to defeat Trump in Florida. Last month, Bloomberg also gave $4 million to three PACs for canvassing efforts in Florida aimed at minority and “underrepresented” groups.

Latino Victory Fund said it will use the funds for English and Spanish ads that will route voters to, which will allow the group to track voters and ensure they get their ballots in or know where their polling place is located.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg gave $500,000 to the Democratic Party in Miami-Dade County, the state’s most populous county and a liberal bastion. Biden has little chance of winning the state
without a big winning margin and high turnout in Miami-Dade. But for much of the campaign, Biden has underperformed among Democratic-leaning, non-Cuban Hispanic voters in Miami-Dade and throughout Florida relative to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Both campaigns have aggressively pursued Latino voters in Florida, and Biden and Trump have made multiple trips to South and Central Florida — home to most of the state’s Latinos. Florida’s Latino vote is largely made up of Republican-leaning Cubans in Miami-Dade and a growing number of Democratic-leaning voters with Puerto Rican, Colombian, Nicaraguan, Dominican and Venezuelan heritage in Miami, Orlando and elsewhere in the state.

Other outside groups have also jumped in to help mobilize voters in Florida. Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry on Thursday announced he would help fund a $500,000 voter mobilization effort in Florida to help turn out at least 250,000 Black voters. Perry has partnered with Equal Ground Education Fund, a Florida-based group that aims to get Black voters out to vote, to host “Park & Praise” events at sites in 25 counties across the state.

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