Paris Beheading: Swara Bhasker, Kangana Ranaut & Others React To The Incident



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Reports revealed a history teacher who allegedly opened a discussion with students on caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad was found decapitated in a French street on Friday. The suspected killer was shot dead revealed the police officer. The gruesome incident took place in the town of Eragny, in the Val d’Oise region northwest of Paris.

Swara Bhasker, Kangana Ranaut & Others React To A Beheading Incident In Paris

Many Bollywood celebrities took to Twitter and expressed their shock over the incident. Kangana Ranaut who is very vocal about social injustice questioned the intolerance in the west. She wrote, “A teacher is beheaded for a caricature, we can only imagine what those invaders must have done to our people during invasion, in today’s digital age with education and exposure they act like demons what they must have done to Bharat when they were Nomads?”

Meanwhile, Swara Bhasker has condemned the incident strongly. She said, she was shocked and speechless on reading about it. Her tweet read, “HORRIFYING! What monstrosity makes people do this barbaric stuff. Speechless with shock. Remember if you think ur God wants u to kill in his name- START WITH YOUR EFFIN’ SELF! #parisbeheading.”

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Notably, French President Emmanuel Macron called the beheading of a teacher in a north-western suburb of Paris an “Islamist terrorist attack”. Macron stressed that terrorists will not divide France and pledged quick and firm action by his government to combat extremism.

“One of our fellow citizens was murdered today because he was teaching students freedom of expression. It is a teacher that this terrorist killed because he wanted to destroy the Republic…destroy the possibility of making our children free citizens,” he added.

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